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Icom Waterproof Compact Portables Available NOW!

Icom is now shipping its F50 series WATERPROOF VHF portables.

February 1, 2004 -- We now have the Icom F50 compact portable in stock. The F50 is a 128 channel / 5 watt full featured compact portable and is the ONLY portable guaranteed by the manufacturer to be submersible. This portable is perfect for firefighters or anyone who gets their portable wet on a regular (or occasional) basis. Its size and paging decode feature also make it an ideal replacement for expensive and troublesome tone & voice pagers. See it now on the "Radios and Pagers" page.

For More Information Contact:

Falcon Communications
Box 623, Alburgh, Vermont 05440
Tel: 802-458-0243
FAX: 802-329-2080