Logging Recorders

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DIR911 Instant Recall
VR204 4 Channel Logger
VR240 24 Channel Logger
VR320 48 Channel Logger
VR615 48 Channel Logger
VR778 160 Channels
Archive Review Software
Network Access Software
Remote Control Software

















Eventide Logging recorders are a reliable and economical way to record telephone and radio communications.

Establishing a record of conversations and communications is an effective way to document your operations or evaluate your organization's dealings with the public. In an age when litigation is commonplace, having an audit trail can mean the difference between quickly dismissing frivolous claims and an extensive legal battle.

Eventide instant recall units provide dispatchers with the ability to quickly replay an emergency call. With an increasing volume of calls originating from noisy or poor cellular telephone connections dispatchers can now extract information necessary to save lives and property when time counts.

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