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Click on a link to view some of the wide variety of products we make available to meet your communicating needs:

2-Way Radios and Tone & Voice Pagers

Click see a sample of the radios and pagers available to our customers.


A quality antenna is just as important as the radio connected to it!


Headsets make communicating easier and safer in high noise environments

Battery Conditioners

Battery conditioners help you stretch your budget by rejuvenating your portable batteries.

Remote Links and Paging Encoders

Control your base / repeater from a remote location or activate pagers with a paging encoder.

Digital Voice Logging Recorders and Instant Recall Devices

Record telephone or radio conversations for instant recall or to provide long term records.

Falcon Communications Cables and Installation Aids

Falcon Communications designs and manufactures products to simplify installations and to interface various types of communications equipment.